"Why is the store called Gerardís if thereís no one named Gerard inside?" Well, our story starts 50 years ago. Gerard Caron gave his name to Gerardís Pizza back in 1964, and three owners later weíre still the favorite pizza shop in town. Our original location is just a few doors down the road from our current 233 Water Street store.

The menu was a bit smaller all those years ago, but weíve always remained true to the pizza. One detail that sets our pizza apart is our fresh dough. Unlike some places that receive theirs frozen off a truck, we make our fresh dough right here in the kitchen. And we think thatís the only way it should be done. We have always cooked our pizza in deck ovens, which requires a little bit more work and attention versus a conveyor belt, but produces a superior product. Generations of loyal customers canít be wrong!

Whether youíve been coming in long enough to remember Gerard himself, or you go back far enough to remember when his brother Real ran the store (from the mid 60s to 1983), or you started coming in while Realís son Claude was at the helm (1983 to 2005), or youíve just recently discovered us while Jeffís been holding the reigns, we thank you for your support. Gerardís Pizza Ė when in town, come on down.

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